Instagrammable Interior: Aesthetics Appeal Preference Study Of Culinary Places Interior For Millenial Generation

  • Toddy Hendrawan Yupardhi
  • I Kadek Dwi Noorwatha
Keywords: Instagrammable Interior, Interior Design Prefference, Millenial Generation


This research aims to reveal the principle of aesthetic appearance and creative interior design that becomes preference for millennial generation. This qualitative research with literature review method formulate it as an indicator of a place worthy of being called ‘Instagrammable’. Culinary places with visual displays taken by Instagram found from five popular articles on Google searching engine as an interpretative analysis material which presented descriptively. The results showed the uniqueness of a place through visual displays with a combination of materials and colors forming a various space, tile floors, murals on the wall, utilizing maximum light, custom lamp design, selection of full color furniture, full control for privacy and comunal space, new experience for user, kitsch-style design, become some of the indicators that are often appears in a commercial space that is considered as Instagrammable interior.

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