Analysis of Visual Elements and the Meaning of Billboard Nu Green Tea "It Feels, Makes It Comfortable!"

  • I Gusti Ayu Agung Aristi Putri
Keywords: Billboard, Nu Green Tea, Visual elements


Billboards including outdoor media or outdoor advertising are effective and are used as a media campaign by a company. The billboard that is the object of the research is the Nu Green Tea billboard "It feels, makes it comfortable!". This billboard is interesting to study because Nu Green Tea billboards have a unique and attractive appearance. The purpose of this study is to explain the visual elements found on Nu Green Tea billboards that are expected to add aesthetics and attractiveness. The stages of research carried out include classifying the theory of visual elements and Roland Barthes's semiotic theory then analyzing the visual elements found on Nu Green Tea billboards using visual communication design theory and analyzing denotation and connotation meaning using Roland Barthes's semiotic theory. This study uses a qualitative method. The contribution of this study in order to gain knowledge in the field of visual communication design especially knows the visual elements and the meaning of denotations and connotations on billboards. Hopefully it can be used as a consideration and reference in designing billboards to be more attractive and acceptable to the target audience

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