Self Concept of Generation Z Kids in Visual Character

  • Ibnu A’jaba Alifiryan
Keywords: Self-concept, Character, Generation Z


Self-concept becomes an issue that has long been discussed, how self-concept is formed and what constitutes its forming factors, social, cultural and technological also influence the formation of self-concept. As the development of the age of things such as social and cultural life and technology continues to develop, this development ultimately affects the formation of self-concept for those who live in that era. This research was conducted with the aim of understanding self concepts from the point of view of Z generation children who lives in social, clture, and technologies development through designing visual characters. Research carried out by involving one speaker as a sample from generation Z, using interview methods, this study resulted in the discovery that young generation Z is able to describe self-concept through the design of visual characters it does, the design of visual characters is often related and reflective of their self-concept

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