Young Artist Painting: To Learn Painting from Village Community

  • I Wayan Karja
Keywords: painting, learning, community


Penestanan School, well-known as young artist style of painting. There are too many people researched about young artist, but almost none of them talked about learning system. This style of painting was born in 1960, a meeting of the Dutch-born painter Arie Smit with the teenagers in the rice fields of Subak Pacekan Penestanan, Ubud. Research question 1)Why the learning method of the young artist style important to be researched? 2)How is the process of learning education in young artist style 3)What is the implication of this research? This research is using qualitative research observation, interview, collecting data, data analysis and conclusion. The result of this research is young artist found learning by doing mentorship from the teacher.  This meeting continued with Arie's initiative to provide materials and tools for painting to the teenages in order to freely paint according to their wishes. Arie believed that the most knowledgeable about the environment of rice fields and the surrounding village life are the Penestanan teenagers. The child's purity of mind, freedom, and motivation are the basis of the learning process of the teaching methode of the young artist style of painting. In the end, around the 1970s and 1980s this style of painting had enjoyed its glorious years.

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