Balinese Visual Art Reposition: An Alternative RESPONSE Of Creative Industry

  • Hardiman Hardiman
Keywords: creative industry, mass culture, visual art


This article is a response to the phenomenon of Balinese Art which is engaged in the creative industry. The writing of this article is to discuss interpretively through cultural studies point of view, the phenomenon of Balinese art. Cultural studies have focus and relevance at issues of power and politics, specifically the need for social and cultural change. With a qualitative descriptive method, this article arrives at the result which states that the concepts, issues, and discourse of art today openly no longer distinguish art in the 'high' and 'low' categories. Today's art is art that openly accepts 'roots culture' while also accepting 'foreign culture' as a necessity. Conclusions and recommendations: Balinese art should look at mass culture as its market.

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