The Medium of Light As The Language Of Painting

  • Iqbal Prabawa Wiguna
Keywords: Painting, Light, LED, Microcontroller


Light as a creative medium is usually a supporting element of the work of art. Nowadays, contemporary artists expand the space for illumination by treating light as the main medium of the work by using digital media that simulates and visualizes the interaction of physical light with various media, the aim is to create light effects that can give certain conditions to the audience.

Painting has a long history with light. In its different forms light becomes the subject and medium in painting. This study looks at how the use of electronic media such as LEDs and microcontrollers is used in the works of authors who’s talking about the idea of ​​painting. With the art creation method the author analyzes the process of creation so that the "language" of the author's paintings is created.

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