The Strategy of Repitating Balinese Classical Painting in Supporting Creative Industry

  • I Wayan Setem
Keywords: Classical Balinese painting, revitalization


                    This paper describes the strategies and concrete actions in the development of classical Balinese painting to support the creative industry. The strategy that is considered appropriate for its development is the synergy of two revitalization concepts, namely the concept of diversifying painting techniques and textual and contextual revitalization. Revitalization or renewal of painting process techniques that have been carried out by painters to strengthen indigenous skills so that they can be applied to more diverse media. Textual and contextual revitalization is carried out by applying unique and artistic media / new products and adjusting functional values ​​to new functions in order to produce products that are varied and more adaptive to the needs and tastes of modern society. The development of classical Balinese painting to support the creative industry was realized through the active participation of artists and the community to create souvenir forms that identified Bali.

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