Illustration on Old Javanese Manuscripts Applied as Storytelling Batik

  • Nuning Yanti Damayanti
Keywords: Batik, Ancient Images, Ancient Javanese Manuscripts


The development and culture height of a nation's can be assessed from its cultural artifacts. Especially the achievement of communication and media culture products, including art products, image symbols, letters / writing and language. Nation is categorized as highly cultured by sociologists and history if they already have symbols / characters and languages. The Indonesian nation consists of various ethnic and ethnic groups, so it has a very diverse and unique heritage of communication and media culture. The tradition of writing and drawing in books is found in many old Javanese texts. Javanese people have heritage of books and texts that are very valuable. Manuscripts that write and describe thoughts are beautiful books that contain letters and pictures. Some parts of the old text in the form of the book contain images that show the local identity of Javanese people. It also reflects the culture of thinking and the aesthetic achievement of Javanese art. This paper discusses the results of research focused on storytelling in old Javanese texts applied to Batik fabrics with storytelling motifs. The methodology and research method have been carried out qualitatively descriptive using a batik storytelling approach to visualization combined with explanations based on interviews with Batik experts. It is hoped that this paper can inspire artists and designers to enrich the concept of art and design in creating innovative Batik products that are tailored to the needs.

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