Analysis of Flash Gordon's and Sangkuriang's Character on Batik Ornaments as Learning Media for Illustration

  • Ayoeningsih Dyah Woelandhary
Keywords: Flash Gordon and Sangkuriang Characters, Batik Ornaments, Illustration Learning Media


Illustration is one of the basic skills that must be possessed by students in the Visual Communication Design (DKV) study program. Learning illustrations must provide a real example of how an illustration becomes an element that can strengthen a narrative or a story. In this study a comparative analysis of visual illustrations will be found on Indonesian batik ornaments, but those that have motifs or ornamentation of fantasy film characters adapted from the story of the country outside Flash Gordon, and batik ornaments adapted from the story of Indonesian legend Sangkuriang. Illustration analysis includes the enrichment / stylation, development, and layout and other visual elements. The purpose of this study is expected to provide examples of the development and adaptation of various stories originating from folktales both from Indonesia and other regions, to be developed into ideas for students later in the work, especially to improve skills, wealth of visual narrative and the style of illustrations produced. The method in this study uses a comparative descriptive analysis study, wherein intraestetic and extraestetic elements will be revealed in this study. The results of this study are findings and exposure to data that can be used as references and references for students for learning media as well as references for developing illustration skill.

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