E Gallery for Online Exhibition, Case Study: Indung Art Work

  • Rini Maulina
  • Setiawan Sabana
  • Nuning Damayanti
Keywords: e Gallery, Exhibition, Online, Indung


Conventional art galleries have been used by artists for organizing exhibitions for a long time. However, the organization has a gap with the senior field. The latest technological information digital galleries in the network (e gallery) live like a physical gallery, digital information technology can be used by artists to have a display space on web pages. Organizing online exhibitions or exhibitions through galleries e provides artists in a way, at a lower cost, also makes it easier for people to appreciate works of art through gatget. The purpose of the research is to use web pages as a gallery for budding artists for online exhibitions (online exhibitions). The research method uses descriptive qualitative, collecting data through observation, interviews and literature, obtained results and concluded to create a gallery on web pages as a model. Observations were made on existing web pages (galleries). Interviews were conducted with senior participants and the community in the senior environment to learn opinions about the use of galleries for artists. Literature study is conducted to discuss the theories or views of experts regarding art exhibitions and galleries e. The result of the research is that e gallery can be used as an alternative space for exhibitions, providing artists and audiences while e gallery cannot support the more tangible experience provided by conventional galleries. Use gallery e through web pages for masterpieces of art as a case study about

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