Reinforcing The Estetics Of Grafiti Potential As A Creative Economy Heart, Eye, Ears In The Walls Of The City Of Malang

  • Yunasman Salam
Keywords: Street Art, grafity, creative economy


Street art is an activity that is often seen as an act that is not pleasant for the community. Mural and grafity is one form of street art that we have encountered very often. Not a few walls on the street, the walls of the house, even public facilities that become media murals and gratity. It is this action that seems to pollute and sometimes damage the facility that makes the community uncomfortable to look at the eyes of murals and grafity. In the mass war of Indonesian independence grafity was used as an effective propaganda tool in the spirit of the struggle against the Dutch invaders. Courage in the effort to make grafity is a struggle to risk the life of the culprit.This research uses ethnographic methods, with a qualitative descriptive approach. Data obtained using documentation, field observations and interviews. This research uses descriptive qualitative research methods.Nowadays, where the information and communication media are developing rapidly, making drawing on the city walls is no longer polluting, but rather a source of income. Grafity that is influenced by the creative economy decorates the walls of cafes, restaurants, companies and many others. The lively picture found at this gathering place should also influence people's opinions, of course towards a more positive direction.

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