Traditional Culture: With Patent In Millennium 4.0 In Indonesia

  • I Nyoman Lodra
  • I Wayan Karmini
Keywords: creative industry, millennium 4.0, bade, Simple Patent


Traditional culture is the main identity of a nation in the world, and often the basis for developing industry that integrates knowledge and technology with the Southeast Asian economy in the form of the creative industry millennium 4.0 in Indonesia. Traditional culture in Indonesia includes products such as “bade”, which provides a source of income for the Balinese community. The traditional “bade” culture has the potential to become an object for development by centers of creative industry in the millennium 4.0 era in Bali. The goal of this research is to discover whether or not the traditional “bade” culture can be granted a Simple Patent for the development of the creative industry in the millennium 4.0 era. A descriptive qualitative method is used with a juridical empirical approach. The research subject is a number of centers of creative industry in the Badung, Gianyar, and Tabanan districts. Data was collected through observation of several “bade” industry centers, interviews with a number of “undagi”, and a documentation study of “bade” photographs in Bali. The theoretical benefit of the research results is knowledge about protection of traditional culture, and the practical benefit is to show whether or not “bade” as an object for development of creative industry in the millennium 4.0 era can be protected by a Simple Patent. The research findings show that “bade” fulfils the requirements for Patent Law and can be submitted for registration by the local Bali government.

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