The Function of Ornament in the Development of Fashion Designs: Case Study of Karawo Ornament in Gorontalo

  • I Wayan Sudana
Keywords: ornament, karawo, function, fashion design


The function of ornaments in the development of fashion designs was often only regarded as decoration to add to the attractiveness and visual beauty of the decorated fashion structure, although the application of ornaments to fashion designs has a variety of functions that go beyond their decorative functions. This study aims to analyze and explain the various functions of ornaments in the development of fashion design, by raising the case of karawo ornaments in Gorontalo. The study used qualitative methods with a case study format. Data were collected through observation, interviews, and literature study. The data were analyzed interactively through the process of data selection, data coding, data categorization, data presentation and discussion, and conclusion. The results show that the application of karawo ornaments in fashion design has a variety of functions, namely: the function of decoration, the function of identity identification, the function of representation of natural wealth, functions evoke memories, and symbolic functions. The application of ornaments with these various functions to fashion produces a variety of different styles of fashion, so that fashion designs are able to develop dynamically. The results of the study are likely to be an inspiration and even a guide to action for fashion designers in developing various styles and fashions that will be designed.

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