Aesthetic and Ethical Re-actualization of Traditional Javanese House Wuwungan in Industrial Revolution 4.0

  • Arif Suharson
Keywords: Wuwungan, Javanese Traditional House, Industrial Revolution, Global


Philosophically, the ornamental art of wuwungan on top of Javanese traditional houses is characterized by such high Javanese esthetic and ethical values. It is necessary to re-actualize the existence and essence of the Javanese ornamental art of wuwungan in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. This cultural and traditional literacy will be necessary to strengthen the national characters and values in anticipation of the rapidly global era transformation. The new cultural values in the digital era are expected to ensure improvement of survival and establishment of new understandings inspired by local cultural diversity, appreciation, and knowledge to ensure the successful actualization of Javanese traditional cultural values.

This is a qualitative study and accordingly this study will employ the qualitative method using the analytical interaction method through the grounded research. This study urges the re-actualization of understanding about Javanese philosophy in the form of the ornamental art of wuwungan in Javanese traditional houses that represents Javanese esthetic and ethical values. Javanese traditional local culture can serve as the local traditional identity and is a part of Indonesian national culture. Therefore, they have to be re-actualized and represented in the adjusted and adapted forms to meet the current condition of the industrial revolution 4.0. The technological advancement can serve as a smart tool to enhance the innovative and creative industry based on local cultures and global discourses

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