Destination Branding Planning Through Mural In Desa Wisata, Desa Sumber Harapan, West Kalimantan

  • Yori Pusparani
Keywords: Destination branding, Mural, Sumber Harapan, Elevated boardwalk


Destination branding is a branding concept that aims to improve the quality of a tourist destination brand. Sumber Harapan Village has tourism potential in the form of weaving. This village is known for its good and varied woven products. Many of the weavers sell their woven products to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Brunei. So far, most weavers only transact if there is an order, if not, it is quite rare for people passing by. The location of this location is quite unique, because it is located on the edge of the river with a path made of wood. Residents around the Sambas riverbank are weavers. In their house there are approximately two to three weaving tools. Ranging from clothes, scarves, caps to woven fabrics.

Making destination branding through murals in Sumber Harapan Village will make Sumber Harapan village crowded with visitors. With a touch of art mural activities carried out at the elevated boardwalk along the banks of the Sambas river, it will be a destination for tourists or visitors

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