Text Analysis of A Mild “Nanti Juga Lo Paham” Television Media Ad

  • Aisyi Syafikarani
  • Agung Eko Budiwaspada
  • Pindi Setiawan
Keywords: text analysis, advertising, television media, cigarette


A Mild "Nanti Juga Lo Paham" is quite interesting public attention because the ad is conveyed through the culture of the community with unusual visualization, featuring figures that are considered unnatural like a man riding an elephant, a man in black clothes, a man with a head rabbit, to a woman with an eccentric appearance. The use of very attractive music also gives a different impression. Likewise with the tagline "Nanti Juga Lo Paham" which makes viewers wonder the purpose of the tagline. This shows that A Mild television media advertisement "Nanti Juga Lo Paham" uses certain techniques in producing the advertisement that can be known by manuscript analysis the ad. This study uses a qualitative approach with the method of advertisement manuscript analysis based on each shot, then from each shot will be analyzed more deeply through image visualization (point of view, image size, lighting, moving camera, cut, transition), settings, models, property, color, motion or interaction, typography, and sound. So that from this study it will be known technically the parts of the script or shot that support the delivery of advertising messages.

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