Humour As Creative Strategy In Djarum 76 Advertisement


  • I Kadek Jayendra Dwi Putra
  • A. A. Sagung Intan Pradnyanita
  • Ni Putu Emilika Budi Lestari


Djarum 76, advertisement, humor, creative strategy


Djarum is a famous cigaratte brand from Indonesia, and regularly spend advertising to promote their product and gain their brand awareness. Djarum 76 always successful to bring social issue in to their advertisement and bring the humour in to their advertising. Since eight years ago, Djarum 76 use the character that can create their persona to consumen, and the persona was a genie who lived in the lamp and always using Java traditional wardrobe, its called “Om Jin. Om Jin always suddendly come as a problem solver for a social issue, with a humorous character its not hard to Djarum 76 to get attention from viewers. An old imaginary humorous character with nowadays issue are the key of creative strategic from their agency to catch the audience. This article aim to find relation of Om Jin Character and the creative strategy in Djarum 76 advertising. The research using a descriptive qualitative methode. Using Semiotics of Charles Sanders Pierce and Advertising Theory.

Pierce identify the types of signs into icons, indices and symbols. Semiotics used to explain every sign that is attached to the character of the Om Jin who appears in every Djarum 76 advertisement and discovers the relationship of the role of the character om jin with the cigarette advertisement. While advertising theory is used to find out the allure in the Djarum 76 ad.



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Jayendra Dwi Putra, I. K., Intan Pradnyanita, A. A. S., & Emilika Budi Lestari, N. P. (2019). Humour As Creative Strategy In Djarum 76 Advertisement. Sandyakala : Prosiding Seminar Nasional Seni, Kriya, Dan Desain, 1, 89–96. Retrieved from

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