Art, Science and Young Artist A Study : Mooi Martian Painting by Radhinal Indra, 2018


  • Citra Smara Dewi


Art, science, mooi martian painting, young artist


This research is focused on young artist , Radhinal Indra,  inspired by technological progress and the phenomenon of life in pelanet mars .Through of the painting called mooi martian (Mars jelita) , Radhinal tried to connect human exploration to the planet mars , as part of nasa mission ( the national aeronautics and space administration ), with the history of the fine arts indonesia .Through imagination and creativity , Radhinal  re-interpretation art of painting mooi indie from the  great painter , namely Raden Saleh , Dullah , Basuki Abdulah dan Wakidi and painting again with a landscape approach on the planet mars.  The election artist Radhinal, because it is one of the  young artist who live in the era of milenial and inspired by advances in technology in the painting. Previous reseach  written by Agus Burhan, about art of painting mooi indie, but more history is linear. Approach this study tried to regain the painting mooi indie in the present and  future context.  Method of writing  history : heuristic,  criticism interpretation and historiografi with using analysis material culture. The findings show painter in the era of milenial having awareness in producing the work of art of painting the synergy with the development of science and technology . Produced futuristic painting by showing the beauty of nature on the planet mars in the future.



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Smara Dewi, C. (2019). Art, Science and Young Artist A Study : Mooi Martian Painting by Radhinal Indra, 2018. Sandyakala : Prosiding Seminar Nasional Seni, Kriya, Dan Desain, 1, 181–187. Retrieved from

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