Panji Koming Cartoon; Majapahit Nowdays


  • I Wayan Nuriarta
  • I Gusti Ngurah Wirawan


Panji Koming cartoons, comics, elections, Semiotic


The Panji Koming cartoon is a criticism cartoon that was published in the Sunday Kompas Newspaper. This cartoon is unique because of how it tells the story of using comic strips with story narratives in the Majapahit era, but always have issues in the present. Visually, the Panji Koming Cartoon is very interesting to be studied into pieces because of the way the story is told using the style of comic strip expression, which means that there are panels and combinations of words and images in conveying messages. Furthermore the message presented through a combination of pictures and words is also interesting to be revealed because, first, this cartoon is not only known to be critical, but also on point. Second, that the Panji Koming cartoon series was published in the Kompas newspaper, which is a newspaper with a large number of copies, which is mainly distributed among the middle class which is also assumed to be critical readers. This study uses a qualitative research design that produces descriptive data in the form of words, notes that are related to the meaning, value and understanding of the issue. Thus, everything related to the Panji Koming cartoon will be described qualitatively. The depiction from one panel to another panel uses the form of action, transition to another action by presenting the characters of Panji Koming, Painul, Empu Randubantal and also modern human figures. The predictions of Empu Randubantal about how complicated the politics are and jokes in the future are a form of criticism of the country's journey in the political year (2018-2019)



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Nuriarta, I. W., & Wirawan, I. G. N. (2019). Panji Koming Cartoon; Majapahit Nowdays. Sandyakala : Prosiding Seminar Nasional Seni, Kriya, Dan Desain, 1, 212–220. Retrieved from

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