Performing Arts in Stage Design Creative Industry Development, Case Study Matah Ati Langendrian


  • Sri Rachmayanti
  • Imam Santosa


Performing Arts, Creative Industries, Langendriyan


Industrial revolution 4.0 takes place globally and cannot be avoided. Its influence not only in the industrial and economic sectors, but also in the creative industry sector. Performing arts and entertainment are creative industries that growht through current technology and communication. Matah Ati performances elevate Indonesian culture, especially from the Surakarta - Central Java. Langendriyan is an elite culture originating from the Palace, combining dance, music and Javanese songs. Matah Ati show seen from a unique visual aesthetic have its own attraction to research. This study wants to answer the question, what kind of visual aesthetics that displayed on the stage design in Matah Ati show. The visual aesthetics of Matah Ati's performance in this study focused on its stage design. The theory is from Charles Jencks, an architect known with his double coding theory. The theory states that past traditions and cultural diversity need to be taken for the sake of freedom to shape the future. Imaginations, symbols, fiction and decorations need to be appreciated and reprocessed. The method in this research uses qualitative methods - case studies. By observing objects, observing literature from books and the internet, and conducting interviews with resource persons. The   purpose of this study is to explain the visual aesthetics of Matah Ati design stage by using the above theory. Visual aesthetics in Matah Ati design stage are combining traditional, pop style and also using the latest technology. The arrangement in the form of stage/ property settings, lightings, music, dance and other supporting elements. This research is expected to benefit the preservation of the culture and development of the world of art and culture in Indonesia.



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Rachmayanti, S., & Santosa, I. (2019). Performing Arts in Stage Design Creative Industry Development, Case Study Matah Ati Langendrian. Sandyakala : Prosiding Seminar Nasional Seni, Kriya, Dan Desain, 1, 240–247. Retrieved from

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