Kesinambungan Ragam Hias Pra Islam pada Mimbar Sunan Prapen


  • Rizal Wahyu Bagas Pradana


Sunan Prapen pulpit, ornaments, pre-Islamic


The arrival of Islam in the archipelago gave rise to a new style of art, especially in ornamental variety. Ornaments in the early days of Islam in the archipelago still took pre-Islamic elements as their motives. The pulpit of Sunan Prapen is one of the pulpits made in the early period of the development of Islam in Java. Mimbar Sunan Prapen is unique in its decoration. The uniqueness lies in the taking and processing of pre-Islamic elements to decorate the pulpit building. This study aims to describe the continuity of pre-Islamic decorative ornaments found in the ancient pulpit of Sunan Prapen. This study uses qualitative methods and is described descriptively. The research data was obtained through observation, interviews, documentation, and literature. To obtain valid data, data triangulation and informant review were conducted. The results of the study showed that the pulpit of Sunan Prapen was decorated with various kinds of pre-Islamic motifs such as tendrils, kala, hiranyagarba, and solar majapahit motifs. The four decorations are pre-Islamic decorative types taken and reprocessed by changing or developing their forms, adapted to the guidelines in Islam that are not allowed to display depictions of living things. The tendrils, kala, hiranyagarba, and surya majapahit motifs on the pulpit of Sunan Prapen have symbolic meanings in them. The symbolic meaning has been processed, and adapted to the meaning relevant to Islamic teachings. This is a form of tolerance of Islam with pre-Islamic religion in the form of works of art.



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Bagas Pradana, R. W. (2019). Kesinambungan Ragam Hias Pra Islam pada Mimbar Sunan Prapen. Sandyakala : Prosiding Seminar Nasional Seni, Kriya, Dan Desain, 1, 248–256. Retrieved from

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